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What movie have you watched lately?

This would be my question to you, even if it were our first meeting. I enjoy movies so much that in my alternate universe, I'm a movie set designer during the day, moonlighting as a singer at night! Watching movies as an impressionable young kid shaped my persona, especially my social behavior, emotional responses, and what I understood as the societal structure.

I had unconsciously assimilated the burdens of patriarchy and this widened the schism of who I was outside and who I was on the inside. My growing pain until now has been unlearning those internalized misconceptions.


Practicing yoga presented me with the awareness of my duality - as the observer and the observed, as the observer of my senses, and as the one experiencing through my senses, which has been the ultimate elixir of liberation.


According to Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 2:54   

svaviṣayāsaṃprayoge cittasvarūpānukāra ivendriyāṇāṃ pratyāhāraḥ  (what?! read below)


Restraint of the senses (pratyāhāraḥ) occurs when the mind can remain in its chosen direction and the senses disregard the different objects around them and faithfully follow the direction of the mind.


After practicing and teaching yoga for more than 12 years, I still am an ardent movie lover! But, I observe and enjoy the art, the artist, and the artistry without getting emotionally entangled.

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