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Private Yoga

  • A private yoga session offers the opportunity to practice safely without compromising on the benefits or the experience of a yoga practice.

  • It helps to make improvements or refine an existing yoga practice or to add modifications according to the age, season or any physical conditions of that time.

  • For a passionate yoga practitioner, it quells the need to compete or compare in a group setting and allows the mind to quieten in a calm and private space. For a beginner, it gives the privacy of exploring and experiencing yoga in an unintimidating environment. 


What to expect? 

  • An uninterrupted, 1:1 yoga experience in an intimate setting, in-person and online.

  • Having the trust and comfort level to ask questions and explore different aspects of yoga at your pace.

  • Ability to build your own home practice that allows you to discover a much deeper understanding of yoga.

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