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Services & Schedule: Private Yoga


Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga


Why Prenatal Yoga? 

  • Women should not be expected to face the challenges of childbirth and motherhood without adequate physical and emotional preparation

  • Prenatal yoga provides the ideal setting to help women prepare their bodies physically and also to prepare emotionally for this challenging and life-changing event. While pregnancy is not a handicap, it is indeed a special time and should be treated with care.

  • Prenatal yoga can be started as soon as a woman feels ready and the doctor says okay! The earlier, the better. 


Why Postnatal Yoga? 

  • For healing and recovery after childbirth

  • Strengthen core, and pelvis and improve posture.

  • Breathing practices to restore energy, especially when there is sleep deprivation

What to expect? 

  • An uninterrupted, 1:1 yoga experience in an intimate setting.

  • Having the trust and comfort level to ask questions and explore different aspects of prenatal yoga during each trimester at your pace with the understanding of the changes in the body during this time.

  • Understanding what poses or exercises should Not be done during each trimester including the fourth!

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

  • Increase breath capacity

  • Learn poses and breathing techniques for relaxation.

  • Prepare for childbirth


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