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Where was I?

Been in the recesses of my head, thinking about the paths that I've treaded and if my current path is leading me toward my purpose. Peeling the layers of my thoughts and pondering over my reactions, sometimes so lost in all the peels and wondering, “What's my path?”.  


Sometimes feeling restrained because of my responsibilities or because of my chosen roles, doubting my choices and whimpering,  “Where's the math?”


I got dragged out of this conundrum

Explosion of thoughts

one day by a whim of thought, that I have the luxury of time to even ponder over my actions of choice and the privilege to rethink my decisions of free will. I'm living a gifted life. “There is a math to my path”!


 I was reminded of Yoga Sutra 1:2 - Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodah

 (chitta = mind ; vritti = fluctuations ; nirodah = solution)


When fluctuations of the mind arise, Yoga is the solution to cease it — Yoga is the union of mind, body, and breath, some might say.  

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