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How high is your springboard?

I don't have a pool, you might say. Me neither! 

The springboard that I'm referring to is the platform from where we dive into a situation. The higher the springboard the more time and space we have to float mid-air and then enter head first, correct?

 So, it was one of those mornings that needed me to have more awareness because I was too engrossed in nursing my wounded ego from a previous happening.

 With a boost of chai, I started multi-tasking with a fervor as we all parents do in the morning. I was so unaware of my vulnerability that morning that I was provoked by the silliest thing that my daughter did. I became "The Hulk" and flexed my adultness at my poor child and made her cry, but my ego justified my actions. Later, after some quiet time, I found my composure but felt so belittled by guilt at my behavior. My springboard was not high enough and I had fallen to a painful splatter! I was aware but not aware enough.


 All that I should've done was take a few mindful breaths because breath awareness engages the parasympathetic nervous system which immediately calms the stress response. Then my springboard would've been so high that I would've had the time and space to pause before takeoff, twist my ego, somersault into humility, pike into the present moment, and enter the situation with little or no splash!


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