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Umashree with Om Yoga Arts is AMAZING!! I’m taking one on one prenatal yoga classes with her and I love it!!! I’m not very flexible and haven’t taken a ton of yoga classes but she makes me feel so good about what I can do! She walks through each pose in detail so you exactly what to do and goes at your pace!! Some classes I’m stronger and can do more and some classes I’m exhausted and she still makes the class worth it! I know my birthing experience will be better because of my classes with Umashree!! I cannot recommend her enough!!

- Laura Fitzpatrick, Carrollton

February, 2024


I began one-on-one sessions with Umashree only a couple of months ago and as a beginner to yoga. I have a degenerative spinal injury and have also been experiencing joint pain so I wanted to focus on gentle conditioning towards the goal of getting into better shape. She patiently explains the poses and stretches along with correct breathing while helping to guide me into proper, but gentle form. After the first few classes she began focusing on rehabilitative yoga poses - something she attentively sensed that I am in need of. I'm enjoying the one on one but also looking forward to progressing with poses, gaining in flexibility, and joining her group class as well. Umashree has a calm, centered energy to match her knowledge of yoga and ayurvedic practices from which she has made some simple recommendations for continued self care at home that I truly appreciate. You know how it feels when you find someone great and don't want to tell everyone about them out of fear there won't be room for you?

- R. Lee, Carrollton

December, 2023


I began 1-1 yoga with Umashree a few months ago because of a lower back/hip pain issue. These yoga sessions have tremendously helped me manage my pain through relaxation, breathing, and stretching. She even made videos for me so I could continue to practice yoga while being away for my granddaughter’s birth recently. Umashree is extremely professional and I always look forward to my yoga sessions with her.

- Ritu Krishna, Dallas

September, 2022

I started taking Uma's prenatal yoga classes at the start of my second trimester and now I'm in the last month of my pregnancy. Her classes surely have helped me stay healthy and calm during this journey, and I'm sure they'll help me through labor as well. She's very knowledgeable and has the composure and patience you'd desire from a yoga teacher. Highly recommend Uma's classes for someone looking to learn and practice true yoga! :)

- Neetu Raveendran, Lewisville

February, 2023

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